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1 "mother" association based in France and 4 "daughter" associations located in Madagascar

The Board of Directors of JEUNESSE DE DEMAIN – REUNION  » is composed of volunteers. Most of them are based in Reunion Island and one of them is located in France main land, in charge of communication and relationship with sponsors based in Europe.  The Board members are the following:

Mrs Sophie Carlier - President (Paris)

Mr François Laloue - 1st Vice-President (Reunion Island)

Mr Jean-Claude Sertier - 2nd Vice-President (Reunion Island)

Mrs Béatrice Rerodo - Head of Finance and budget (Bordeaux)

Mme Jacqueline Sertier - Secretary (Reunion Island)

Mme Valérie Chan Kai Ho - Deputy-secretary (Reunion Island)

Mr Sully Alphonsine - Member (Reunion Island)

Mr Sully Clotagatide - Member (Reunion Island)

Mme Nicole Clotagatide - Member (Reunion Island)

Mme Monique Defaud - Member (Reunion Island)

Mme Jacqueline Fressard - Member (Reunion Island)

Mr Jean-Pierre Pécuchet - Member in charge of Partnerships (Rouen)

Mme Chantal Pisson - Member (Reunion Island)

Mr Alain Rousselot - Member (Reunion Island)

Mrs Elisabeth Salaün - Member in charge of Education (Reunion Island)

JMDD - France
  • recruitment of sponsors

  • receives and sends funds to Madagascar

  • coordinates the projects of the association

  • ensures the values of the association

  • responsible for compliance and ethics

Center address
  • operational support of children and students (accommodation and meals in our 4 community centers - Vatomandry, Toamasina, Fénérive East and Antananarivo)

  • school assistance / studies of the sponsored children (tutoring, French classes at the Alliance Française, follow-up of school results, provision of school materials, etc.)

  • recruitment of new sponsees on the basis of a dossier

  • animations (vacations, cooking workshops, etc.)

The 4 Malagasy associations are responsible for their decision making process and report regularly to JMDD Reunion Island.

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