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Our 4 community centers

The association is located in 4 areas

An establishment in the capital, Antananarivo, where the sponsees, mainly students, are external.

Three residential schools on the eastern coast of the island in Toamasina, Fénérive East and Vatomandry.

The premises were renovated recently. It was at the beginning of 2014 that in Chambéry, Paul Coste, one of the association's sponsors, learned from the president of Habitat et Humanisme Savoie, Christian Mattéi, with whom he works, some very good news.


"Terre des Jeunes", a former association of a works council in Metropolitan France, is being liquidated and wishes to give the remaining funds to an association working for young people. Mr. Mattéi tells him about Jeunesse de Demain in Madagascar.

Mr. Sauvaget, who is the liquidator, made a first proposal of 45,000€. This sum is sufficient to launch the project of building a residential school in Toamasina.

Very quickly, things started to happen, and Mr. Sauvaget, who noticed the seriousness of this project, gave his trust to JMDD and renewed it for several years.

The attached pictures give an idea of the importance of the investment that allowed the construction of the Toamasina community center, as well as the renovation of Fénérive-Est and Vatomandry centers.

Today, the centers can welcome young people in very good conditions to pursue their studies seriously.

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