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JMDD France

JMDD France, headquarters

The "JMDD - France" association centralizes and redistributes funds to Malagasy entities. "JMDD France" runs board members meetings and general assemblies. They align on investments, coordinate the Malagasy associations, recruit sponsors, and validate the recruitment of new sponsees or their departures on the basis of the Malagasy entities proposals.


After several years based in Reunion Island, the headquarters moved to Paris further to the nomination of Mrs Sophie Carlier as new President in September 2023. Nevertheless, both Paris and Reunion island board members continue to work closely together as decision makers and coordinate Malagasy centers. 

JMDD France guarantees the values of goodness, solidarity, commitment, responsibility, and transparency that the association promotes.

The Board is composed of :

Mrs Sophie Carlier - President

Mr François Laloue - 1st Vice-President

Mr Jean-Claude Sertier - 2nd Vice-President

Mr Fernand Patureau - Treasurer

Mrs Jacqueline Sertier - Secretary

Mrs Valérie Chan Kai Ho - Deputy-Secretary

The complete list of the Board members is available here.

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