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Our history

The main objective of Jeunesse de Demain association is the education and professional training of young Madagascans through individual sponsorships. The children and younger malagasy, coming from underprivileged areas of the countryside, and from single-parent families or even orphans, are welcomed on the basis of a dossier in the 3 residential schools and the day school of JMDD. The objective is to allow them to pursue their studies in good conditions. JMDD encourages a sponsor-sponsor relationship in the form of an exchange (letter, e-mail) and a contract: the sponsor provides financial assistance for the education and studies of his or her sponsored child, who commits to pursue serious studies and to provide regular results.

The Association " JEUNESSE DE DEMAIN - REUNION (island)" was created on January 3, 1992 by two Malagasy doctors. They wanted to support children from poor families in Madagascar, victims of the economic crisis of the time and showing their willingness to resist the poverty.

At the same time "JEUNESSE DE DEMAIN - FRANCE" was constituted under the presidency of Mrs Françoise Rouillard, followed by the Malagasy entities of the association.

The founder and first Chairwoman of JDD-Reunion, Mrs. Marie-Louise (Louisette) Raoelison, created the association with her husband, Dr. Seta Raoelison, and worked until 2004 for JDD-Reunion, then took over from Mrs. Rouillard as President of JDD-France until 2015. During this time, JDD-Reunion was successively chaired by Mr Henri Moya (2005-2006), Mrs Jourdaine (2007-2013), Mrs Yvette Agosti (2014-2015), Mrs Magalie Dambreville, who passed the lead to Mr Jean-Claude Sertier, current Chairman of the association since 2016.

Main steps of JDD :


JDD - Antananarivo

Recruits sponsors


JDD - France


JDD - Vatomandry




JDD - Fénérive -East

The 4 Malagasy associations are responsible for their decisions, and report regularly to JMDD-Reunion and JMDD-France.

In January 2016, the association changes its name to "Jeunesse Malgache de Demain" (JMDD), so that its objective of supporting the training of young Madagascans is more " visible ".

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