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Antananarivo center

Antananarivo center was the first created in 1992. It is located in the capital, Antananarivo, and it supports about twenty young people, mostly high school and university students, in day school.

Since its creation in 1992, JMDD Antananarivo is under the responsibility of Mrs. Vololoniaina Rakotoarisoa, who is the President and responsible for the studies since the creation of the association. She ensures the follow-up of scholarship of young students. She is supported by a team composed of the following members: Mrs. Micheline Yvette Randriamanana (Vice-President), Mrs. Vololontsoanirina Raveloson (Secretary), Mrs. Gorettie Razanakoto (Deputy Secretary).

Thanks to its rigorous follow-up, the association has enabled young people to study in the universities and high schools of the capital. Some of them became doctors, judges, researchers, technicians... So far, they all have a job.

Mrs. Rakotoarisoa also has a role of coordination of all the centers in Madagascar. She organizes cooking workshops to give awareness to the young on the importance of the nutrition. She also organizes trips for the residents of Tananarive to awareness-raising events such as reforestation, or even vacations in the other centers.

Ziva, a former sponsee who became a researcher, is one of her protected students. Here is his testimony.

Antananarivo center's address:
Lot II J49 B Ivandry

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